How do I get a library card?

Any and all residents of Idaho are eligible to obtain a library card free of charge from Plummer Public Library.  You will need to bring your valid photo i.d.,  proof of residency, and name of a reference contact person with you to the library where you can fill out a card application form.  A current phone number (or message phone) is necessary.  Verification of information and/or a local reference may be required.  Non-residents may obtain a library card for a minimal fee of $25.00.

Library materials may be checked out for four (4) weeks.  The first time you use your card, there is a two (2) item limit, but once those are returned, you are only limited by the number of items you can use in a four (4) week time period.     

The following is an overview of Plummer Public Library use policies: (It is not all inclusive.  Please check with the director to review complete policies) 

Library materials may be checked out for four (4) weeks.  2 renewals are allowed if the item is not on reserve for another patron.

New patrons must provide photo identification and a valid phone number.  Proof of residency and/or local reference may be required.  Information may require verification.


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